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Brand's History

It was born in 2009 the chicken, registered after with the brand name “Pollo Samoggia”.

Company's intention is to continue the work of selection of varieties Pollo Samoggia in order to have in the future a unique product, good and sought after for its quality recognized by customers and a few restaurateurs who have come in possession.

This hybrid responds to characteristics of taste, texture and weight not exceeding 2.5 kg clean after a herd of no less than 160 days. For the work of selecting and determining the characteristics we want to avail ourselves of the Institute of Zoocultura Ozzano from University of Bologna.

The farm Nicolò Ruggeri better known as "Microvita" breeds for years even beneficial insects for biological control of flies in livestock farms and urban landfills throughout Italy.

Also it raises flour moths and crickets for the amateur field of ornithology and bestiality. These farms are complementary to the company's business and provide additional family income.

Pollo Samoggia is a brand that includes the production and the place where the breeding, preparation and sale of our animals raised on grass, free to roam and clucking among herbs unfamiliar herbicides.

Eat little but good quality, to buy food that is free of antibiotics, dyes and preservatives!

A chicken that tastes like chicken, a fresh egg that tastes like an egg!



Luigi Ruggeri.
Environmentalist entomologist, forty years of experience with insects, I deal with breeding, slaughtering and direct sales.
I created this company but now I watch my children make it grow.

Nicolò Ruggeri.
I'm the owner of the company despite having had a humanistic path to the social sciences high school.
Mainly I deal with breeding of broilers and laying hens.

Giovanna Cadoni.
I studied Sociology at the Sapienza University in Rome, but after meeting Luigi I developed a passion about the world of insects.
I do everything there is to do in the company, fot the insects I passed the baton to my son Michele and now I work mainly in the administrative management.


Do you buy eggs?
Maybe you’re buying some vaccine, a little bit of dye and maybe a little bit of antibiotic. Choose the egg that contains only egg… like ours for example. Maybe by grass beef hans and not even simply by field. The fresh egg is good to drink, provided you know the producer.
Nice to meet you, I'm Nicolò Ruggeri.

Beef a chicken from the first day of his life for almost 4-5 months and prepare himself between thousand of recipes, gives the security to eat healthy, light and tasty food.
A white meat who which transmits his organoleptic properties obtained by scratching along the meadows to hunt for insects, little stones (for a better digest) and flowers that free animals in pasture chooses. A certified bio chicken contains there guaranties, chicken thieves and foxes knows that really good.
Pollo Samoggia, a chicken that taste of chicken!

For passion we breed like 12 races of hens, almost all Italian variety and others foreigns.
One day, but not so long ago, every province and every country had particular chicken’s races managed by women and children while men was working on heavier tasks.
The hen is really important in domestic economy, produces eggs and meat, eats all kinds of kitchen waste and, if left in the fields, eats a lot of dangerous farming insects.
For broth and boiled it’s preferable a mature hen, who already has started or ended an egg production.
Our hens eats fodder without dyes and their meat’s color is naturally conferred by mais and some grass which scratch about during his whole life.

If there is a kind of "chicken" that man is not able to breed it is the guinea fowl. Of African origin, still it behaves in a very wild.
Form a large group and very very noisy, spending time to wander on the lawns avoiding the bush.
Mainly omnivorous; It produces a very tasty meat and different from other poultry. Precisely because of its aspects so little home we always availability of this animal, but when there’s, it’s a good request!

Our gooses are mainly “romagnole”, white and huge gooses. Contrary to popular belief, other than breed is rather guarded. They live in herds in the meadows polititi and seem increasingly intent on a herd graze grass.
More than meat (request a few connoisseurs) in spring offer beautiful eggs, amazing for pastry and cakes.

If u search for a natural insecticide, here’s the solution: the duck. Free grazing, it’s in continuos wandering searching for insects, snails, acorns etc…
She loves a little mirror of water where she swim maintaining her white, candid and dry feathers. I say white because the duck raised in factory it’s the “muta” duck, who provides a quality of meat much appreciated.
Besides the famous recipe duck with orange, it lends itself in a thousand other ways of cooking.

Pigeons deserves and encyclopedia only for them. From millennia human has reared as a safe source of proteins, often in his houses or under his roofs. Does not exist Tuscany or Umbrian farmhouse without his pigeon loft.
Pigeons are raised choosing breed based on their attitude: for meat, travellers, for beauty, acrobats etc…
We raise pigeons for meat of Californian race, albeit vacated they don’t leave their pigeon loft where proliferate throughout the year.

I counted 42 different races in the studbook. Of all colors, forms and size.Raised for meat and fur.
Extremely prolific but delicates, in his natural habitat he is the basis of almost every food chain. Human too, always appreciate his white, sweet and tasty meats. Really good for weaning children because it’s easly digestible for “tired” stomachs.
We raise him in very spacious holds integrating in his food ration some Valsamoggia’s polifia hay, dried bread, green branches of willow and other plants who he loves eat.



Open from monday to friday 8.00-12.30, 15.00-18.00 and saturday 8.00-12.00
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